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Welcome to Arkansas on iTunes U

What is Arkansas on iTunes U?

Arkansas on iTunes U is an Arkansas Department of Education initiative creating a library of educational content for educators and students within the iTunes U and iTunes Podcast applications. We are one of the many universities, state agencies, and not-for-profit institutions distributing content to the world through iTunes U, the world’s largest repository of free instructional media. In order to access Arkansas on iTunes U, you must have the iTunes application installed (or the iTunes U app and Podcasts app if you are on an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad). Please feel free to explore our website and discover the many ways Arkansas on iTunes U can augment teaching and learning in your own educational environment!  As of July 1, 2018, the Arkansas on iTunes U initiative expanded in order to include all types online media.  Now, Arkansas on iTunes U is a part of Arkansas Online Media Initiatives (Arkansas OMI).

Would you like to know more?

f you would like to explore online courses and resources, follow the link below to the Arkansas on iTunes U Provider page.

Click here to navigate to the Arkansas Institution page

Arkansas as a Podcast Provider

If you are interested in educational video content for your classroom or professional development sessions, feel free to explore Arkansas as a Podcast Provider. There is a resource within our podcast selection for just about every educator and student!

Click here to navigate to the Arkansas Podcast Provider page


If you would like to learn more about the Arkansas on iTunes U program, please feel free to contact Donnie Lee, Online Media Content and Grants Coordinator, either via email: or via telephone: (870) 302-3073

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