Become a Content Contributor for Arkansas on iTunes U!

Arkansas on iTunes U is once again seeking educators to transform instructional units into iTunes U courses, video collections, and digital texts that target content standards and use media to engage learners. We invite educators to complete the application and submit a work sample. Contracts will be awarded to selected applicants who have shown the ability to produce high quality, meaningful content relevant to Arkansas educators and students.  All contracted materials will be due for publication on Arkansas on iTunes U 90 days after the date that the contract is awarded.

Contract Options

Option 1: Create an iTunes U Course for iPad

  • Should contain at least 20 materials that are attached to posts and assignments.
  • At least 5 of these will be original items (videos, presentations, digital textbooks, etc.).
  • You will also add materials curated from other sources (apps, web links, iTunes U links). See Creating Your Course.

Option 2: Create a Collection of Audio/Video Lessons

  • Should contain at least 5 original lessons of 3 to 10 minutes each.
  • You may also include PDF resources to supplement the lessons. (See Instructional Approaches for more information).

Application Process

  1. Please make sure you have read through the guidelines for contributors and have become familiar with iTunes U content first.
  2. If you have an idea and want to ask a few questions before applying, email Arkansas on iTunes U Coordinator, Donnie Lee for assistance.
  3. Submit your online application below or click here
  4. Submit your work sample as instructed.
  5. Applications will be reviewed by the Arkansas on iTunes U Coordinator for quality and relevance before contracts are awarded.

Contract Timeline

  1. Contract and other paperwork will be sent for you to sign and return.
  2. We urge you to share your work-in-progress for feedback at any time, with minimum of one status update at around the halfway point of completion (45 days).
  3. Your content must be delivered by 90 days from issuance of a contract. The content must meet technical guidelines, be of professional quality and fulfill the specifications set forth in the criteria for publication and the content contract application.
  4. Payment will be processed upon approval and publication of final content on Arkansas on iTunes U. For video collections, we pay $175 per track. For courses, we pay $1,000. For interactive books, we pay $400. The maximum monetary amount awarded to an educator will not exceed $1,400 per contract.
  5. Once a contract has been satisfied, contributors may reapply for another contract.  Applicants can continue to reapply throughout the year as long as funding is available in the Arkansas on iTunes U budget for content contracts .


  • The content contract opportunity offered by Arkansas on iTunes U is in no way meant to come in direct conflict with any other contractual obligations.  It is recommended that you check with your current employer to insure that you are neither in breech of contract or in violation of personnel policy before you apply.  Applying for this incentive program does not automatically guarantee that you will be awarded with a content contract.


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