Criteria for Publication


The content has value for an audience beyond your school or organization and can be categorized as one of the following content categories:



Title, description, and artwork create a “package” that is designed to get noticed in iTunes. See how it’s done: check out these collections on iTunes U – French for Beginners, Core Chemistry Concepts, Problem Solving the Square-iest Squares


Instruction is designed to engage learners.  There should be clear goals and objectives with regard to predicted participant outcomes. App-icon-iTU-Course-Builder101V3-websiteExplore how to build an iOS course. All you need is your iOS device (iPad,iPod, or iPhone) and iTunes U.
For Collections/Podcasts:  See examples of instructional format used in iTunes U video lessons. For Courses:  Use the course description and your posts to set a tone, provide context for the learner, and engage them with the content. Additionally, select the right instructional approach for the original resources you create.


Collection Elements:

  • At least 5 video lessons, each one from 3 to 10 minutes in length.
  • Supporting PDFs, if appropriate.
  • Cover Art (.jpg 1400 x 1400 dpi) that helps illustrate the topic
  • Clear and consistent video and audio quality


Course Elements:

  • A solid outline (structured syllabus)
  • Meaningful posts
  • Action-oriented assignments
  • Original resources (video, audio, PDFs, books, etc.)
  • Resources curated from iTunes U, the web, etc.
  • Defined course objectives
  • Cover Art (.jpg 1400 x 1400 dpi) that helps illustrate the topic


iBooks Elements:

  • Must have relevance to your course
  • Multimedia rich posts and activities throughout
  • Original content and embedded/linked resources


Copyright Compliance

Only include content that you have the rights to distribute.
When creating your own resources (audio, video, books, etc) use material with permission or use Creative Commons licensed media labeled for reuse. Check out this comprehensive copyright resource. Remember, all who appear in your audio and video files must sign release forms. See our Production Resources Page for more copyright info. Need free licensed music? – Check out  Your organization may already use a standard media release form that will suffice. All providers for Arkansas on iTunes U will submit a Statement of Assurance verifying their copyright compliance.



For Collections:

  • File Format: Video files must have .mov, .mp4 or .m4v extension; audio files must have .mp3 extension, and documents should be PDF or ePub.
  • File Size: Files should be reduced to the minimum needed for quality. We recommend a maximum of 70 MB for a 5-minute video.
  • File Quality: Strive for clear and consistent audio throughout. Ensure that images are crisp.

For Courses and iBooks:

  • You may include any media format that is able to be uploaded into the iTunes U course manager software.  The course manager is fairly specific on the types of media it will allow to be uploaded and includes details on specifications and file formats.
  • Be sure to use only materials that are original or you have permission to use.


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