Digital Learning Day 2018 Overview

Arkansas on iTunes U would like to thank all of the schools who participated in the Digital Learning Day 2018 Video Contest.  This was the first event of its kind for Arkansas on iTunes U and the response was overwhelming!  It was an awesome display of what Arkansas students are able to achieve and a true testament to their innovation and skill with media technology.

We would also like to congratulate the winners of this years event.  Click the links to watch their videos!

Elementary Division:

1st Place:  Jonesboro Public Schools – Kindergarten “Kindergarten Mystery Word Decoding”

2nd Place:  University Heights Elementary (Nettleton 2nd Grade) – “Let’s Learn Our Arkansas State Symbols”

3rd Place:    Harrison School District (K-12 GT) – “Multiplication Troublesome”

Middle School Division:

1st Place:  El Dorado School District (5th & 6th Grade) – “Chunking for Fun”

2nd Place:  Ozark Mountain School District (K-12 GT) – “Dear Bully”

3rd Place:  Bald Knob Schools EAST – “Eco Friendly Cars”

High School Division:

1st Place:  Jonesboro Public Schools – “A New Way to Learn”

2nd Place:  Don Tyson School of Innovation (Springdale) – “Sorting Algorithms”

3rd Place:  Don Tyson School of Innovation (Springdale) – “Feeling Strangled by Python Code!?! (An Introduction to Using Python)”

The Videos

Click the icon below to watch individual videos from the contest via Arkansas Digital Sandbox:

To view the contest videos via Arkansas on iTunes U, click the icon below:


Award Presentations

Arkansas Department of Education leadership members were also a big part of this event.  Members of ADE leadership delivered first place plaques to the winners of each division on Digital Learning Day.  Arkansas on iTunes U would like to thank Assistant Commissioner Dr. Eric Saunders, Assistant Commissioner Dr. Jeremy Owoh, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Ivy Pfeffer, and Grants & Special Projects Coordinator Jeff Killingsworth for scheduling the time to visit each location and present the first place awards.

Video Contest Winners



Response from Participants

The feedback from those who participated in our Digital Learning Day event was very positive and constructive.  Arkansas on iTunes U values the opinion of educators and this type of information will be of great value in helping us determine our direction for next years video contest.

Here are some examples:

“I just wanted to say thank you for providing the video contest for our students!  They were so excited to place 2nd and learned a lot about filming and editing the video.  This was a great activity to promote Digital Learning Day and I hope we can participate again next year!  Thanks again and have a good week!”

“Thank you so much for sponsoring the Digital Literacy Video Contest. The presentation of the award made my students feel so very special.
I wanted to send the news package that our JHS TV department class made about the award. Thought you would like to see it.  Have a great day”


“I am new to all of this too…I am learning more about video editing, mainly from my students, that’s why it was fun to watch them complete this activity. We will try to work this into our coursework for each year so we can participate.”

“I am pleased with their effort. They were so inspired that I  wrote a grant through Donors Choose for a wide angle camcorder, lighting, green screen, headsets, and green suits. We are looking forward to participating with better technology next year.”

“I love doing this.  I just wanted them (the students) to have the experience of how easy it is and to start using it on a regular basis.”




The Digital Learning Day 2018 Video Contest was a very fun and rewarding project for not only Arkansas on iTunes U, but everyone involved in the process along the way.  This project was successful in large part to the network of creative minds associated with the Arkansas on iTunes U program housed at the Arkansas Department of Education, Research and Technology Division.  Arkansas on iTunes U would like to specifically thank:  Ray Girdler, Director of Data Use & Privacy,  Daniel Collier, Technology Projects Coordinator and Jeff Killingsworth, Coordinator of Grants & Special Projects.  Without their assistance and guidance, this event would have never been able to reach its fullest potential.  It was the combined efforts of Arkansas on iTunes U and these Research and Technology team members that were responsible for creating the contest rules, scoring rubric and sign-up/submission process on the front end of the project, along with the advertisement and media roll-out that gave this event attention across the state.  Once again, Arkansas on iTunes U thanks you for your efforts and look forward to working with them again on this event for DLD 2019.

We would also like to show our appreciation to all of the schools who submitted videos to this years video contest.  It was our personal goal to reach 24 submissions and we surpassed that goal by 3!  In all, we had 10 Elementary, 9 Middle School and 8 High School submissions in our first year!  Thank you for submitting your videos to this event!  We will definitely have another Digital Learning Day Video Contest in 2019 and we hope you will submit again!  Arkansas on iTunes U will certainly be spreading the word about next years event and we hope to have double the participation for 2019.  We also welcome your comments on how we might be able to improve this event or even expand upon it in the future.  Please feel free to contact Arkansas on iTunes U if you would like to let them know what you would like to see happen with this event for 2019!  We already have some great ideas for 2019 and we cant wait until we get to get the ball rolling.  We hope to have an even bigger and better video contest next year with more award categories to add to the excitement of Digital Learning Day 2019!

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