Digital Learning Day 2019 Video Contest







Would your students like to share a video demonstrating a K-12 content lesson or favorite program, such as EAST, STEAM, Coding, or Robotics? 

Create a video of the important work you are doing at your school and share it with Arkansas Online Media Initiatives. 

Contest winners will be announced during our Digital Learning Day 2019 livestream on Arkansas Digital Sandbox on February 28, 2019!  


The deadline for submitting a video for the Digital Learning Day 2019 Video Contest is February 4, 2019.


Video submission procedure:

  • Step 1:  Complete the “Digital Learning Day 2019 Video Contest Sign Up Form”.  Donnie Lee, Online Media Content and Grants Coordinator,  will create a Google shared folder for you to upload your completed video submission, release forms and any other accompanying materials.
  • Step 2:  Be sure to fill out release forms for all adults and students that will appear in the video.  There are links below for the appropriate release forms for both adults and children (18 and under).  You can scan/email/efax them to Donnie Lee, or upload them to your Google shared folder as mentioned above.
  • Step 3:  Have your video finished, release forms completed and uploaded to your Google shared folder by the deadline of February 4, 2019.

Please take a look at the resources below.  They will help you create a great video for Digital Learning Day 2019!






Please feel free to explore these websites as well!











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