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Each year the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) makes a concerted effort to participate in the national Digital Learning Day campaign. This provides a great opportunity to highlight the ways Digital Learning is accomplished across the state. ADE understands that Digital Learning is more than an annual event; it takes place daily in the classroom. We would like to break down barriers and bring exposure to the districts that are engaging students and using technology effectively. Each month we will be seeking videos of students engaged in Digital Learning and technology. This is your moment to brag on your districts, educators, and students who are utilizing technology to erase the geography that may have previously defined success. Exceptional videos may be included in the live streaming of the State Board of Education meetings,; highlighted during special reports to the State Board, showcased in Key Points and included in the collections through Arkansas iTunesU.
Music, images, and other media not created in-house must be licensed for reuse or used with permission.
Videos can be received in two different ways:

1. (Preferred Method) Videos can be housed on external public website (, etc.). ADE can link to the content. Please send the URL to

2. Videos may be sent to ADE iTunesU Project Manager via email (, Dropbox, or Google Drive. If the video is sent directly to ADE, each will require the appropriate permission forms for all students and adults who appear. Both the adult and student permission forms are attached. No video submissions will be accepted without the proper release forms for all of the video participants.

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