Instructional Approaches

 Audio-Sign You may already listen to podcasts like All Things Considered, Freakonomics Radio, or Grammar Girl. If so, you realize that we don’t always need video to convey ideas. An audio podcast can present interviews, lectures, discussions, and more. It can include music and sounds that help you tell your story.

Slideshow-Sign Want to use visual elements to teach your content? You can start with pictures, then write a script to teach a lesson through a photostory or narrate an existing slideshow presentation in a conversational tone, maybe adding additional images or animation. Layer in some music, pay attention to the pacing of your slides or images, and you can create some powerful media.

ScreenCast-Sign If you’ve seen the Khan academy videos, you know how powerful it can be to show your problem solving tools and processes, as you draw, click, and show relationships between ideas.

LiveActionVideo-Sign You may want to use classroom footage to provide insights on teaching and learning. By adding your own narration, highlighting key ideas with text, and editing the video to showcase only what you need, you can help viewers understand what to look for. You may also want to use this format to capture hands-on demonstrations like a student science project or to explore exciting locations.

MultiMediavideo-Sign Want to use live video as part of your instructional approach and add a few other production elements? The sky is the limit in video production if you have the tools, time, and skills.
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