Meet Steve Matchell


What’s your background in education? BSE from John Brown University-1978, Masters Teaching Theory and Practice from Arkansas State University- 2014

What have you published in iTunes U so far? Core Chemistry Concepts Podcasts

How have you used your iTunes U materials in your own instruction? I use these podcasts to support the instruction that is given to students that are in class during instruction that may not understand the material in a lecture format, but may benefit from being able to replay parts that they have difficulty with.  I also use them for students involved in extra-curricular activities that have to miss class to travel to away contests.

What might people be interested to know about the “behind the scenes” creation of your work?  There are several “messed that up, gotta start overs” before the final project is completed.  Sometimes it takes longer to get an understandable podcast than it does to come up with the information for the podcast.

Have you ever been contacted by someone outside Arkansas who is using your materials? What’s it feel like? Yes, wow!

What’s your background in education? What else should we know about you professionally? I have taught many different types of science (physical, chemistry, life, earth, biology, general, pre-AP, AP)  for 38 years to junior high or  high school or college students.  I coached (basketball and tennis) for 28 years.

What advice would you give to teachers who are considering sharing their instructional materials with the public? Jump in there and do it.  Current technology makes this so do-able.

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