iTunes U 2.0

It’s here! The recent update of the iTunes U app means course creators have more tools to interact with students and have the ability to create and edit courses right from their iPad. The new “discussion” feature is big news for those teachers who have had to get creative to find ways for students to collaborate within a course. Now, the instructor can simply choose to enable the discussion feature for a course and start a discussion at any time.

Course manager discussion image

I noticed that the discussion feature is not an option for public courses (those published in the iTunes U public catalog); however, it is a useful addition for those enrolling their students in private courses. I was surprised to see that an image or other file can’t be added into a discussion or reply. The post can include a link, which will be a functional way to submit student work or to add specificity to a comment.

For those who were frustrated by the workflow of accessing Course Manager only on their laptop or desktop, the ability to build and edit courses within the iTunes U app on their iPad will be a cause for celebration. The app now offers access to the instructor dashboard, making course management easier than ever.

It’s worth taking a moment now to update to iTunes U 2.0 and take advantage of the these new features and more.

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