What is Arkansas on iTunes U?
Arkansas on iTunes U is an Arkansas Department of Education initiative creating a library of educational content for educators and students.  We are one of the many universities, state agencies, and not-for-profit institutions distributing content to the world through iTunes U, the world’s largest repository of free instructional media.

How do I find Arkansas on iTunes U?
Click here to open iTunes U and go directly to the Arkansas section. You must have the free iTunes application installed (or, if you are on an iOS device, you’ll be prompted to open the iTunes U app. If you are already an iTunes user, use the iTunes U tab in the iTunes navigation bar, click the K-12 link, and select Arkansas from the provider list.

What material will I find on iTunes U?
The Arkansas section of iTunes U features lessons and complete courses from educators, students, and the Department of Education. Plus, you can search the entire iTunes store to see how experts across the globe approach a topic.

Do I have to have an iPad, iPod, or iPhone to use iTunes U?
No. You can access collections of content in iTunes from any device that has Internet access and iTunes installed. However, to have full access to iTunes U courses, you will need an iOS device with the iTunes U app installed.

Is iTunes blocked by the state?
No. See Commissioner’s Memo RT 11-007. The DIS state web filter does not block iTunes; however, it may currently be part of the streaming media category blocked by your district.

Can I restrict students access to other content in iTunes?
Unless you are using the iTunes U app on a mobile device, iTunes U is a section of the iTunes store. To prevent students from accessing iTunes and downloading commercial music and video while on campus, schools can choose to block iTunes but allow access to the iTunes U section of the iTunes store. Instructions from Apple may be found at these links: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2102 (for Windows) and http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3490 (for Mac). Additional tutorials are provided in the attachments to the Commissioner’s Memo RT 11-007.

Will iTunes U require significant bandwidth?
Downloading files from iTunes U will use bandwidth. However, once files are downloaded to the user’s iTunes library, they can be played without using bandwidth. Users can download iTunes U materials during off-school or off-peak hours and use them during school without using bandwidth.

Can I contribute content to Arkansas on iTunes U?
We are always seeking content that meets our criteria. We are even offering incentives to spur high quality contributions. See the Contribute resources on our web site for current details.

Do I need to worry about COPPA when using iTunes U?
For users of iTunes, see Apple’s Privacy Policy at http://www.apple.com/privacy/. For students and classrooms contributing work to iTunes, see the model Student Permission Form. It is the responsibility of the school or organization submitting content to iTunes U to assure that minors under age 18 will be identified by first name and school/county only. Personally identifying information should not be released.


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