Spring Creek Festival 2014

The mission of the Spring Creek Festival is to open avenues to education and opportunity for the students of Northwest Arkansas through exposure to art, mentoring and scholarships earned.

The Spring Creek Festival  seeks to accomplish this by developing a mentoring and scholarship program for the youth in our community that may otherwise not have the opportunity to change their environment through exposure to various art forms and learning. Through the Spring Creek Festival, we will provide a venue for competition and showcase of the works of the youth of Northwest Arkansas and the region.

The Festival will embrace many mediums of art including digital film and video, broadcast television, Theatre, Music, Digital Film and Photography.

The objective of the Festival is to provide a venue for young Arkansas to show their work either on display or in competition and to demonstrate to funders the return on investment. At this venue the Association will offer a mentoring program to help students that need it, maximize their talents and expand their educational opportunities, leveraging their talent in the arts through scholarships. Each area of the arts will establish a scholarship program with the desire to grow to endowed scholarships in all of the creative categories.

Save the Date: October 23rd to 25th at The Jones Center in Springdale, AR

You can find more details concerning the festival by clicking this icon: spring creek logo


To register for the Spring Creek Festival, click this icon:  attend


To watch the Spring Creek Festival video collection via Arkansas on iTunes U, click this icon:    iTunesULogo_Web


Be sure to look out for the Arkansas on iTunes U vendor booth at the Spring Creek Festival.  We will also be present at the on the Leadership Council from 9:00 until 10:30 a.m and the Student Panel from 1:30 until 3:00 p.m. on Friday, October 24th.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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