Contributor FAQ

If I have one great video or audio track, can I submit it for publication on iTunes U?
In iTunes U, media tracks are grouped into “albums” or collections, in which individual tracks which are categorized under topics. Unless your material is appropriate to add to one of our existing collections, you must propose a new collection containing at least five or more items.

How do I create iOS courses for iTunes U?
You may start creating private courses by using your Apple ID to set up an instructor profile in iTunes U Course Manager. You may enroll up to 50 students per course. However, to create public iOS courses, you must be affiliated with an iTunes U provider institution.  To learn more, subscribe to Course Building 101 on your iPad.

Will iTunes U publish my material that exists on another website?
Yes. As long as your material meets the guidelines for publication, we can publish it in iTunes U.

If my content is already available elsewhere in iTunes, can I still ask that it be included in the Arkansas on iTunes U library?
To avoid duplication within iTunes, we will not publish your content again. However, it may be appropriate for our provider page to include a link to your iTunes content.

What will people need to use to access my material on iTunes U?
They can access iTunes U material from any computer that has iTunes software installed. To have full access to courses, they can will need to download the iTunes U App to their iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

How do I help people find and access material I’ve published in iTunes U?
Once your material is published, you can use the drop down arrow on your “Subscribe Free” button to Tell a Friend, Copy the Link (which you can paste into an email or other text), Share on Facebook, and Share on Twitter. You can also share specific items by using the drop down arrow next to “FREE” in the track bar. Alternatively, you may be able to drag the link from iTunes into an email or a text editor, and the URL will appear.

How can I feature my iTunes U material on my website?
We can provide you with an artwork badge that can be used with the link to subscribe to your iTunes U material.

How can I help people learn to get started with using iTunes U?
To support users in navigating iTunes U, refer them to the iTunes U FAQ from AppleiTunes U Support.

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