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ArrowContribute Permissions. You have signed release forms from anyone whose voice or image appears in your work.
ArrowContribute Copyright Compliance. Any music, images or other media that you did not create is licensed for reuse or used with permission, and you have given proper credit. For more information on digital copyright, watch this video and visit http://creativecommons.org/.
ArrowContribute File Format. Video files have .mov or .mp4 or .m4v extension, audio files have .mp3 extension, and documents are PDF.
ArrowContribute File Size. File size is reduced to the minimum needed for quality. We recommend a maximum of 80 MB for a 5-minute video.
ArrowContribute Quality Control. Text is free of typos and grammar errors. Sound is balanced and easy to hear. Images are crisp.
ArrowContribute Destination: You have selected the iTunes U EAST collection where you want this content to be published. OR you have a complete collection (five items or more) that has educational value for students in the K-12 audience beyond your community in one or more content areas (business, engineering, fine arts, health and medicine, math, humanities, language, literature, science).

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